Display of Biodolomer products and prototypes

Biodolomer at ScanPack – biggest packaging fair in northern Europe, 23-26 October 2018

GAIA BioMaterials visited ScanPack in Gothenburg, the biggest packaging fair in northern Europe. The founder Åke Rosen and CEO Peter Stenström together with the team was present. GAIA launched a food container made of Biodolomer which recieved a lot of interest. Biodolomer leaflets was handed out. The target audience was purchasers and plastic producers.

“- Focus for the fair was on digital solutions, both in the production but also in the packaging itself. Sustainability is still very strong and also the importance of design and some trends for the future”,  summarized Anna Lena Friberg, business responsible for the fair.

Facts about ScanPack:

  • 16 550 total visitors
  • 12 900 visitors(unique)
  • 3 600 registered exhibitors
  • 463 exhibitors from 30 countries


Handing out the Biodolomer leaflet

Handing out the Biodolomer leaflet





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