GAIA BioMaterials welcomed the fourth graders from Lerbergsskolan Höganäs

GAIA BioMaterials welcomed the fourth graders from Lerbergsskolan Höganäs

On Friday June 2nd, GAIA BioMaterials had the great pleasure of welcoming Lerbergsskolan (the Lerberg school) in Höganäs’ fourth graders, as part of their project to reduce the use of plastics in society. The visit took place in conjunction with GAIA’s – together with NSR and Båstad municipality – celebration of the 25th anniversary of the LIFE program, as part of their joint project “Biodolomer® for Life”.

In addition to a tour of the plant and demonstration of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product, via granules, the students, along with teachers and accompanying parents, were also given presentations about GAIA’s unique biomaterial Biodolomer®, replacing plastic in a wide variety of products thanks to Its biodegradability and compostability, as well as the LIFE program, “Biodolomer® for Life” and the circular economy.
During the visit, the students of the Lerberg school impressed with their good knowledge of biomaterials and plastics, the harmful effects of the late nature in the circular economy and posed profound and clear questions to the organizers.

HD article: Lerbergets plastkämpar gjorde studiebesök ( Gaia Biomaterials )

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