Nordisk bioplastförening yearly meeting 14 March 2019

Gaia BioMaterials and Biodolomer for LIFE project visited the yearly meeting by Nordisk Bioplastförening in Gothenburg March 14 2019. The association Nordisk Bioplastförening started some years ago by six members with the ambition to support the bio-based industry in Sweden. GAIA BioMaterials joined 3 years ago and altogether 2019 there are more than 50 members. There were more than 100 people from all categories within the plastic business wanting to learn more about the transformation from fossil to bio-based materials. A very good meeting for networking and future contacts.

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Åke Rosén and Jan Boberg at Biodolomer stall

Biodolomer at Industry Days – invited by EU Commission, 5-6 February 2019

Biodolomer for LIFE Project was invited to Industry Days by the EU Commission. Biodolomer for LIFE Project was represented by Åke Rosén and Jan Boberg from GAIA Biomaterials and Eva Stål from Öresundskraft energy company/NSR waste company. The project was exposed to 1500 delegates and there was high interest in understanding how bio-based plastics can substitute fossil-based plastics. We got many new contacts which hopefully will lead to future business.

EU Industry Days 2019 focused on key industrial challenges such as sustainability, digitalisation, investment and globalisation. The event, on 5-6 February, demonstrated how EU industrial policy benefits European citizens and provide input for future policy making.

EU Industry Days gathered around 1,500 participants from across Europe and beyond, including stakeholders representing industry, trade unions, national and regional authorities, and civil society. More than 30 projects funded by the European Union showcased their innovation in the Grand Hall at The Egg during the Industry Days event.

The exhibitors were grouped under 5 different thematic areas:

  • industrial materials – Biodolomer for LIFE
  • energy
  • robotics
  • factories of the future
  • skills
  • fashion industry
    Substitute 80% of fossil-based plastics

    Substitute 80% of fossil-based plastics

    Circular bioeconomy

    Circular bioeconomy

CEO Peter Stenström about the new factory at Ättekulla in Helsingborg

Media Day at new GAIA factory at Ättekulla, 24 January 2019


GAIA Biomaterials invited the media, both local media but also national special magazine and partners to a breakfast where CEO Peter Stenström and founder Åke Rosén presented the new factory and how far the development of the biobased plastic Biodolomer has come. Among the speakers were Kim Olsson, CEO NSR and Anders Östlund, CEO Öresundskraft, the two partners in the Biodolomer for LIFE project.

Anders stated that in 10 years Öresundskraft will not burn fossil plastics to produce energy anymore. The goal is to produce energy from renewable sources like biobased plastics. That is why Öresundskraft has taken the role of Coordinating Beneficiary in the Project.

The response from media was very positive.

One article from Ny Teknik:


Factory walk

Factory walk

Biodolomer granulate

Biodolomer granulate