Biodolomer for LIFE – final conference March 5, 2020

Final conference Biodolomer for LIFE March 5, 2020

Place: NSR, Helsingborg Sweden

The conference gathered 70 participants from the plastics industry, energy and waste business, media and students.

The program started with Martin Dyberg, strategic communicator at NSR and moderator of the conference welcoming and thanking the participants for attending the conference.

Johan Vesterlund, a Centre politician and chairman of the Environmental committee in Helsingborg city gave an opening speech about the importance of innovation within environment and climate. Biodolomer is an innovation and will support the development in building a fossil free and more sustainable society. Helsingborg is a city in the forefront and is very proud of achieving the award for best environmental municipality three years in a row in Sweden.

Eva Stål, the project leader set the scene describing the Biodolomer for LIFE project, the objectives and the main actions. A Layman’s report was distributed to the participants as a summary of the project.

Åke Rosén, the founder of GAIA BioMaterials and responsible for R&D told the story of Biodolomer, which is unique in its composition being renewable, degradable and compostable and can replace up to 80% of the fossil volume plastics.

Dr Mattias Bisaillon, a senior expert at the research and consultant company Profu presented the LCA for Biodolomer which in summary gives a minus net effect regarding GWP, global warming potential compared to Bio-PE and Fossil PE. For each ton of fossil plastics that is replaced with Biodolomer you save 6,6 ton of CO2.

Daniel Olsson, CEO of AllGroup gave his view on the development of biomaterial starting to substitute the fossil plastics products and packaging.

At the end of the conference there was a panel where Kim Olsson, CEO of NSR, Henrik Oxfall, chemical specialist at IKEM, Patrik Hermansson, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Öresundskraft and Daniel Olsson discussed the situation of plastics and how biomaterial plays an important role in replacing fossil plastics. The audience asked many questions that the panel was happy to respond to.

The main issues discussed was the current market situation for a biomaterial like Biodolomer in relation to recycled fossil plastics and the new Swedish tax on carrier bags where no consideration has been taken either to bio-based carrier bags nor recycled fossil carrier bags. There is a big need to have courage among stakeholders to start replacing fossil plastics with biomaterial where it is possible. As one of the panel speakers said:

– It starts with each of us both as professionals and as consumers!

After lunch a bus went to the GAIA plant outside Helsingborg. App. 25 people joined the plant visit where they could experience the production of Biodolomer granulate and products like carrier bags and aprons.

A Layman’s report in Swedish and English is found:

The LCA is found:

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