Biodolomer for Life exhibits at Swedish Open Tennis Tournament

With Båstad Municipality being one of the principal partners for Biodolomer for Life, the project was included into the Municipality’s exhibition at the 2017 Swedish Open Tennis Tournament.

Generally regarded as one of the most popular events on the ATP and WTA circus among both the players and the audience, the tournament’s exhibition hall proved to be an ideal place for introducing the Biodolomer for Life project to the public, as visitors were very interested in learning more about the project’s aim of developing a commercially viable circular economy, as well as the Biodolomer biomaterial and its applications.

Project Staff from Biodolomer for Life have been on site to guide and answer questions. Visitors have been impressed with the scope and ambition of the project, especially with the goal to create a circular economy based on a sustainable mindset combined with sound commercial considerations, and have left with a better understanding of what separates biomaterials from plastics – and from each other – as well as an appreciation for what must be done.

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