Nils introducing Biodolomer

Biodolomer introduced to waste company November 13, 2019

The project Biodolomer for LIFE was invited by the innovation hub for waste handling called Vera Park*, to meet with the local waste handling company in Hässleholm. Nils Andersson from GAIA presented Biodolomer for LIFE  and showed the different products  made of Biodolomer. The group was very interested and had a lot of questions. A possibility for any waste company is to use the food waste bag for collection of food waste from households. A survey shows that using Biodolomer food waste bag gives app. 20% more food waste for biogas production at the same time the feedback from the inhabitants are that they are more pleased with both the funktion and freshness compared to the paper bag.

*Vera Park is an innovation hub for waste handling in Helsingborg. It is a subsidary to NSR, the local waste company serving the inhabitants of the six Northwest municipalities. During the project Biodolomer for LIFE has been invited to meet with many companies/municipalities to present Biodolomer as part of their study visit to Vera Park. Altogehter the project has introduced Biodolomer to more than 800 specialists  thanks to Vera Park.

Konrad Rosén together with BAQUA projectmembers

Biodolomer project visits BAQUA for final conference October 5, 2019

As part of the LIFE program Konrad Rosén, GAIA BioMaterials visited the final conference of the BAQUA project on the Gran Canaria in October 2019 . The purpose was to learn more about the BAQUA project, present the Biodolomer for LIFE project and to exchange experiences. Both projects show case products benefitting from using locally sourced bio-based resources as raw material. Konrad shared the experiences of using bio-based filler material and the challenge in using fibres in compound manufacuring. The aim was also to make new connections and find potential collaborations between the project participants for the future. The conference included 50 attendants from academy, compounding business and investors.

Åke presenting GAIA

Rotary study visit to GAIA factory – September 19, 2019

22 members of the Helsingborg Landborgen Rotary club made a study visit to GAIA’s factory. Åke Rosén told the story of an entrepreneur’s journey with focus on the story of Biodolomer, a bio-based, biodegradable and compostable material. Åke talked about the cooperation with EU and how the project is trying to influence the development of policies within the plastics business to make sure bio-based material is not percieved as traditional plastics. The group was very interested and as consumers they asked a lot of questions. The visit ended with a factory tour to see the production.

As thank you the Rotary club donated 500 SEK, in the name of GAIA to a school project for girls in Kosovo, read more at their home page:åra-projekt


Biodolomer in climate change comparison

LCA comparing Biodolomer with fossil PE and bio-PE September 1, 2019

As part of EU’s funding for the Biodolomer for LIFE project, a Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) study has been commissioned by the LIFE programme in order to document the results achived within the project, in terms of having less negative impact on the environment. The study, performed by the independent research and consultancy company PROFU, is now official and the results for Biodolomer compared to the alternatives are very good indeed.

“The LCA report clearly shows that Biodolomer is an excellent alternative to fossil volume plastics when it comes to it’s environmental impact”, says Åke Rosén, founder of GAIA BioMaterials and CTO. ” We have been convinced of this all along, but it’s always nice when an independent conducted study confirms your opinion.”

You can download your copy of the LCA study for free through the following link:



EASME visit

EASME visit to Biodolomer for LIFE project June 13-14, 2019

On June 13-14, representative from EASME and NEEMO visitied Biodolomer for LIFE to review the project. The first day was spent at GAIA to discuss the progress of the project and we finished with a guided tour of the new factory premises at Ättekulla. In the evening we went on a ferry trip with the world’s only electric ferry. The group was invited by the captain to learn about the unique technique from the control bridge. The trip was very much appreciated by our visitors.

The second day, the review continued and this time at the waste-power plant, Filbornaverket. After the review Martin Tofft, CEO at Öresundskraft Kraft&Värme presented the reasons why and the importance of taking the role as contributing beneficiary finishing off with  a round-trip in the plant. Kim Olsson, CEO of NSR ended the visit by presented why the waste company NSR is engaged in the project.




Biodolomer products on display

Recycling Day May 14 2019

On May 14, Vera Park was the main partner on the year’s edition of the Recycling Day, an annual conference in the waste and recycling sector. This time with the theme of future trends that govern waste management. Here, among other things, various Vera Park companies in our booth, including GAIA with their products and information broschure appeared. Here we met a number of stakeholders who showed great interest in Biodolomer as material and for the project Biodolomer for LIFE. Among other things, there were food trays, cutlery and aprons in the Biodolomer material in the stand. 147 people came to the Recycling Day. Picture: Martin Dyberg
CEO Peter Stenström about the new factory at Ättekulla in Helsingborg

Media Day at new GAIA factory at Ättekulla, 24 January 2019


GAIA Biomaterials invited the media, both local media but also national special magazine and partners to a breakfast where CEO Peter Stenström and founder Åke Rosén presented the new factory and how far the development of the biobased plastic Biodolomer has come. Among the speakers were Kim Olsson, CEO NSR and Anders Östlund, CEO Öresundskraft, the two partners in the Biodolomer for LIFE project.

Anders stated that in 10 years Öresundskraft will not burn fossil plastics to produce energy anymore. The goal is to produce energy from renewable sources like biobased plastics. That is why Öresundskraft has taken the role of Coordinating Beneficiary in the Project.

The response from media was very positive.

One article from Ny Teknik:


Factory walk

Factory walk

Biodolomer granulate

Biodolomer granulate

Åke Rosén talks about sustainable biobased plastics

Biodolomer at the food fair – “Food talks”, 25 October 2018

Biodolomer for LIFE project was invited to the food fair “Food talks” with the theme “The sustainable meal”. Mr Åke Rosén gave a speech about biodolomer in the afternoon with the title “Is there a life after plastics”. The lecture ended with interesting questions from the audience, and discussions.


  • 160 people –  chefs, food designers, farmers, food producers, restaurateurs, students
  • 22 exhibitors
  • 17 lecturers


Display of Biodolomer products and prototypes

Biodolomer at ScanPack – biggest packaging fair in northern Europe, 23-26 October 2018

GAIA BioMaterials visited ScanPack in Gothenburg, the biggest packaging fair in northern Europe. The founder Åke Rosen and CEO Peter Stenström together with the team was present. GAIA launched a food container made of Biodolomer which recieved a lot of interest. Biodolomer leaflets was handed out. The target audience was purchasers and plastic producers.

“- Focus for the fair was on digital solutions, both in the production but also in the packaging itself. Sustainability is still very strong and also the importance of design and some trends for the future”,  summarized Anna Lena Friberg, business responsible for the fair.

Facts about ScanPack:

  • 16 550 total visitors
  • 12 900 visitors(unique)
  • 3 600 registered exhibitors
  • 463 exhibitors from 30 countries

Handing out the Biodolomer leaflet

Handing out the Biodolomer leaflet






ICA Höganäs – Environmental week, 3 October 2018

The grocery store ICA Höganäs invites customers every year for an inspiring event called “Environmental

week”. This year the customer could enjoy a fact based environmental walk with mechanical

communication along the customer walk throughout the store. The visitors was invited to learn

about activities the ICA store is doing to lower the negative impact on the environment.

Everything from small every day tips how to minimize food waste to tasty tasting of “tired”

vegetable. The main attraction this day was the blind test of the Biodolomer plastic bag compared

to a fossil based plastic bag.