Technical group visit Uppsala Biogas

Biodolomer visits biogas producers November 5, 2019

The technical group went for a 2-day study trip to visit biogas producers in Växjö, Uppsala and Gävle. The group also visited the new plastic recycling plant, Svensk Plaståtervinning in Motala. The plant, which is the biggest recycling facility for plastic in Europe collects all plastics from every household in Sweden. The ambition was to learn more about different techniques on how biogas is produced today and also to introduce Biodolomer as a new material on the market. We had very good discussions with the actors within biogas production on how to better fit a material like Biodolomer into the process. The focus was to explore how Biodolomer as a food waste bag can work smoothly in the pre-treatment process and contribute to the production of both biogas and biofertilizer.

Since Biodolomer also can be material recycled the visit to Motala gave the group knowledge how the plant is working today and the plans going forward. Biomaterial is not part of plastic recycling today due to technical challenges but there are possibilities for the future.

The conclussion of the study tour was the importance for the stakeholders within the recycling and biogas business to understand the potential of Biodolomer. The work will continue to inform all stakeholders on the market about the possibilities.

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