CEO Peter Stenström about the new factory at Ättekulla in Helsingborg

Media Day at new GAIA factory at Ättekulla, 24 January 2019


GAIA Biomaterials invited the media, both local media but also national special magazine and partners to a breakfast where CEO Peter Stenström and founder Åke Rosén presented the new factory and how far the development of the biobased plastic Biodolomer has come. Among the speakers were Kim Olsson, CEO NSR and Anders Östlund, CEO Öresundskraft, the two partners in the Biodolomer for LIFE project.

Anders stated that in 10 years Öresundskraft will not burn fossil plastics to produce energy anymore. The goal is to produce energy from renewable sources like biobased plastics. That is why Öresundskraft has taken the role of Coordinating Beneficiary in the Project.

The response from media was very positive.

One article from Ny Teknik:


Factory walk

Factory walk

Biodolomer granulate

Biodolomer granulate

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