Test of Biodolomer spoon

Cutlery test at RÖGLE hockeygame, 13 November 2018

There were more than 4400 visitors being exposed to the taste event and the small exhibition of products and communication as part of the Biodolomer for LIFE project. About 400 people tried the spoon and 23(6%) was asked to answer some questions about function and comfort.

A majority found the spoon stable, user friendly and comfortable compared to other single use cutlery made of other materials. When the respondent was informed that the spoon was made of bio-based plastics more than 2/3 responded positively and were surprised by the fact that is possible to make qualitative products from bio-based material.


Want to know more how RÖGLE, a Swedish hockey-team is supporting a more sustainable world: http://gronvithallbarhet.se/


Small exhibition of Biodolomer products

Small exhibition of Biodolomer products

Interview and dialogue with respondents

Interview and dialogue with respondents


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