Nils introducing Biodolomer

Biodolomer introduced to waste company November 13, 2019

The project Biodolomer for LIFE was invited by the innovation hub for waste handling called Vera Park*, to meet with the local waste handling company in Hässleholm. Nils Andersson from GAIA presented Biodolomer for LIFE  and showed the different products  made of Biodolomer. The group was very interested and had a lot of questions. A possibility for any waste company is to use the food waste bag for collection of food waste from households. A survey shows that using Biodolomer food waste bag gives app. 20% more food waste for biogas production at the same time the feedback from the inhabitants are that they are more pleased with both the funktion and freshness compared to the paper bag.

*Vera Park is an innovation hub for waste handling in Helsingborg. It is a subsidary to NSR, the local waste company serving the inhabitants of the six Northwest municipalities. During the project Biodolomer for LIFE has been invited to meet with many companies/municipalities to present Biodolomer as part of their study visit to Vera Park. Altogehter the project has introduced Biodolomer to more than 800 specialists  thanks to Vera Park.

Technical group visit Uppsala Biogas

Biodolomer visits biogas producers November 5, 2019

The technical group went for a 2-day study trip to visit biogas producers in Växjö, Uppsala and Gävle. The group also visited the new plastic recycling plant, Svensk Plaståtervinning in Motala. The plant, which is the biggest recycling facility for plastic in Europe collects all plastics from every household in Sweden. The ambition was to learn more about different techniques on how biogas is produced today and also to introduce Biodolomer as a new material on the market. We had very good discussions with the actors within biogas production on how to better fit a material like Biodolomer into the process. The focus was to explore how Biodolomer as a food waste bag can work smoothly in the pre-treatment process and contribute to the production of both biogas and biofertilizer.

Since Biodolomer also can be material recycled the visit to Motala gave the group knowledge how the plant is working today and the plans going forward. Biomaterial is not part of plastic recycling today due to technical challenges but there are possibilities for the future.

The conclussion of the study tour was the importance for the stakeholders within the recycling and biogas business to understand the potential of Biodolomer. The work will continue to inform all stakeholders on the market about the possibilities.

Konrad Rosén together with BAQUA projectmembers

Biodolomer project visits BAQUA for final conference October 5, 2019

As part of the LIFE program Konrad Rosén, GAIA BioMaterials visited the final conference of the BAQUA project on the Gran Canaria in October 2019 . The purpose was to learn more about the BAQUA project, present the Biodolomer for LIFE project and to exchange experiences. Both projects show case products benefitting from using locally sourced bio-based resources as raw material. Konrad shared the experiences of using bio-based filler material and the challenge in using fibres in compound manufacuring. The aim was also to make new connections and find potential collaborations between the project participants for the future. The conference included 50 attendants from academy, compounding business and investors.