Åke presenting GAIA

Rotary study visit to GAIA factory – September 19, 2019

22 members of the Helsingborg Landborgen Rotary club made a study visit to GAIA’s factory. Åke Rosén told the story of an entrepreneur’s journey with focus on the story of Biodolomer, a bio-based, biodegradable and compostable material. Åke talked about the cooperation with EU and how the project is trying to influence the development of policies within the plastics business to make sure bio-based material is not percieved as traditional plastics. The group was very interested and as consumers they asked a lot of questions. The visit ended with a factory tour to see the production.

As thank you the Rotary club donated 500 SEK, in the name of GAIA to a school project for girls in Kosovo, read more at their home page:åra-projekt


Åke presents Biodolomer

It’s a better choice – seminars in the Nordic countries September 10-12, 2019

The Nordic Bioplastics Association invites the plastic business to be part of a road tour in the Nordic countries to educate and inspire stakeholders who wants to understand more about the opportunities with biobased plastics. The tour visited the capitals in Finland, Sweden and Norway during three days in September. The interest to participate in the seminars was very high, there even was a waiting list. During the three days alltogether 500 decision makers was reached by the information why biobased plastics is a better choice (compared to fossil) – already today.

Åke Rosén, the founder of GAIA BioMaterials was one of the speakers telling the story of the uniqueness of Biodolomer. Åke also marked the importance of being part of EU LIFE15 program for financial support to develop Biodolomer to become fully renewable, biodegradable and compostable. To make the presentation more lively Åke always brings products so the audience can feel, touch and test the material, which is very much appreciated.

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Bo Wallteg opeing the seminar in Stockholm

Bo Wallteg opening the seminar in Stockholm

More than 200 participants - a record for the Association

More than 200 participants in Stockholm – a record for the Association







Biodolomer in climate change comparison

LCA comparing Biodolomer with fossil PE and bio-PE September 1, 2019

As part of EU’s funding for the Biodolomer for LIFE project, a Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) study has been commissioned by the LIFE programme in order to document the results achived within the project, in terms of having less negative impact on the environment. The study, performed by the independent research and consultancy company PROFU, is now official and the results for Biodolomer compared to the alternatives are very good indeed.

“The LCA report clearly shows that Biodolomer is an excellent alternative to fossil volume plastics when it comes to it’s environmental impact”, says Åke Rosén, founder of GAIA BioMaterials and CTO. ” We have been convinced of this all along, but it’s always nice when an independent conducted study confirms your opinion.”

You can download your copy of the LCA study for free through the following link: