About the Biodolomer For Life project

In June 2016, Gaia BioMaterials AB, in a joint partnership with NSR and Båstad Kommun, received EU funds from the LIFE programme for a 30 MSEK project in order to show how fossile-based and energy intensive plastics and packaging materials can be replaced by Gaia BioMaterials renewable and biodegradable biomaterial Biodolomer®

The project will show how Biodolomer® material can be produced and will be validated through four different commercial reference products to control for the feasibility of undertaking it for the European plastic and packaging industry as a whole.

Biodolomer® is unique in its concept as it exhibits all of the following qualities:

  1. Renewable
  2. Biodegradable
  3. Compostable
  4. Convertable to to bioenergy
  5. Significantly reduced CO2-emissions when incinerated, as compared with conventional plastic and paper.

Whilst other existing biomaterials exhibit one or more of these qualities, none of them exhibit all of them, making Biodolomer® the most versatile biomaterial available.


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